Seth Rollins Calls Moving His Match To WWE PC “Best Thing That Could Have Happened”

Seth Rollins was recently a guest on the WWE”s The Bump and said moving his match to the WWE Performance Center is actually the best thing that could have happened.

Despite the fact that wrestlers likely hate performing in front of an empty arena, Rollins notes that this is great development for his upcoming WrestleMania match with Kevin Owens, specifically because of what the building means to both he and Owens.

While a guest on The Bump, Rollins explained:

“The relocation from the Raymond James Stadium to the Performance Center is maybe the best thing that could have happened to this match between myself, and Kevin Owens… There’s so much history that Kevin and I both had in NXT and in this building. I sort of detailed it a few nights ago on Raw. But, it really adds a different element to our match.

He added that while neither will have the crowd there, millions of people will be watching around the world and that still means a lot to him. He says, it’s very exciting to know that we’re going to have this match here, where it all started.

Fans got to see the start of Rollins alluding to the importance of the WWE PC this week on Raw, in a promo many are hailing to be one of the best promos he’s delivered in a long time. In fact, he’s getting some praise for his new Monday Night Messiah gimmick and he’s very much embraced the role and the character.

Rollins also informed The Bump panel he believes that Owens has been misguided as of late, and could use some help from someone like himself. Could Owens be the next star Rollins tries to recruit into his group, one that includes Murphy and the AOP?

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