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Seth Rollins Responds to Jim Cornette’s Comments About Becky Lynch

It was likely only a matter of time before one of Seth Rollins or Becky Lynch had a response in regards to the incredibly offensive comments made by Jim Cornette and in respect to Lynch’s pregnancy.

Cornette suggested Lynch chose the worst time to get pregnant, ruining her career and costing the WWE millions of dollars. The comments don’t require repeating but they were incredibly misogynistic and out of line, even if there was some truth to the idea that Lynch is taking a break from WWE at the height of her popularity.

Rollins was the first to respond. Rollins noted:

“For him to come out and say some real negative things, some real misogynistic things about women in general and pregnancy in the industry, it kind of caught me off guard,” Rollins told Graves and his listeners. “It made me lose a lot of respect for someone that people have already lost respect for.”

Rollins said he was still holding out hope that there was a level of respect between Rollins and Cornette after so many people had lost respect for Cornette, but apparently not. At this point, he can’t and won’t forgive him for saying such egregious and disgusting things about his fiance. But, looking at it outside of just Lynch, what Cornette said is a mindset that needs to change.

“It’s just so disgusting, and the more I sat in thought about it and talked about it, I knew we had this appearance coming up and we’re going to have this conversation, I wanted to address it because I want to make it very clear that I am so proud of my fiance, of Becky, of what she’s doing in the courage that it takes for her, at this point in her career, to make a decision.

She’s 33 years old. So once you hit 35 for women, you start running risks with these pregnancies. So she made an incredibly tough decision. She went out there on national television. She had to say things the way she wanted to do. The fact of the matter is she is the most talented woman I’ve ever seen in my entire life, and she’s going to be just fine being pregnant, making money, doing alright.

So everything that Jim Cornette said is complete nonsense. Not just for her but for women all around the globe. Honestly, for the most part, aside from what we just discussed, it’s been extremely positive, and I think everybody’s just really happy for us.”

** h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcript

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