Seth Rollins Owed Will Ospreay an Apology: Good On Him For Giving One

Seth Rollins owed Will Ospreay and apology. On Tuesday, he delivered it.

Rollins wasn’t right to call out a guy who was simply answering a challenge by Rollins. He especially wasn’t right to run out of comeback and sink so low as to ask Ospreay to compare bank accounts. While many commended his desire to stand up for WWE, it was a bad look for Rollins who went about it the wrong way.

The Rollins / Ospreay Back Story

When Rollins claimed no one in wrestling was as good as he was, as often as he was, one indie star, Will Ospreay simply said, “I’m alive.” Whether Rollins was right or wrong, there were many names that could have been thrown into the conversation as “best in the world”. Personally, I believe Rollins is good. Is he the best? Not even close.

Do you agree with Seth Rollins or Will Ospreay?
Do you agree with Seth Rollins or Will Ospreay?

But, when Ospreay suggested he might be better than Rollins, the comment seemed to send Rollins down a path of comments he had to know he would come to regret.

At first, he tried to promote how good Ricochet was. And, he’s right. Ricochet is unbelievably good. One need look no further than his recent battles with AJ Styles to understand how talented “The One and Only” is in the ring.

But, in pumping Ricochet’s tires, Rollins used words like “buddy” and “little guy” when talking to Ospreay. Chris Jericho ironically pointed out that Ospreay was actually physically bigger than both Ricochet and Rollins.

Feeling like the war was getting away from him, Rollins hit low when he said they should compare bank accounts; as if that’s something Ospreay can control.

PW Torch’s Wade Keller told Rollins he wasn’t earning much goodwill with comments like that and Rollins said, “I don’t care about goodwill, Wade. I care about respect. And if some kid who thinks he’s got it all figured out wants to step to me, then he’s gonna get patted on the head and sent on his way. And so will you.”

The backlash aimed at Rollins wasn’t pretty. He immediately became a guy who couldn’t handle the pressure of being the face of WWE and crumbling when someone challenged his ability to draw an audience.

The timing that he’s changed direction storyline wise in WWE didn’t help since the focus has been on Becky Lynch and him being his “bit-h”, as pointed out by Maria Kanellis on last night’s Raw.

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Rollins Saw the Error of His Ways

Rollins had some time to step back and think about what had gotten so out of control and the image he was starting to portray. Realizing he might have crossed the line while also trying to be the face of WWE, he felt the need to come out and clear the air.

He wrote:

After a few days to sit on it, I’d like to apologize to@WillOspreay for the tweet I sent his way about comparing bank accounts. It was dumb of me & not in line with my values. The moment I pressed the send button I knew it was trash, but I’m too stubborn for my own good.

I stand firm in my sentiments that@WWE is the best pro wrestling on the planet and that I’m the best of the best doing it right now. After a helluva week of travel, our crew didn’t waver for a second. Top level humans busting their asses for the love of the game.

I couldn’t be more proud to be a champion with this company and represent @WWE and the entire industry in the way it deserves. No more garbage tweets. I can and will be better.

Rollins Was Out of Line

In one respect, it’s easy to feel bad for Rollins here. He was probably caught up in the honor of defending WWE, which over the past few months has taken some serious hits critically for its poor shows. At the same time, WWE has offered a much-improved product with a stronger focus on in-ring wrestling and gone out and hired Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman to improve the product. WWE is aware that things need improvement.

Will Ospreay Seth Rollins Battle on Social Media
Will Ospreay Seth Rollins Battle on Social Media

WWE truly does have the best performers in the business and in that respect, Rollins was not wrong. That said, what Rollins said was in bad taste. Had he simply given an emoji response to Ospreay or said, “one day, we’ll have to see who’s better in a ring.”, this all would have gone away.

He didn’t do that. Instead, he tried to chop down Ospreay for simply answering a challenge and being confident in his own abilities.

Twitter feuds like this won’t go away. And, to be honest, we really don’t want them to. Wrestlers like Seth Rollins just need to think more about what say when caught up in a Twitter exchange. Once it’s out there, it can’t be taken back.

Rollins now realizes that.

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