Seth Rollins’ Faction to Undergo Total Overhaul?

What will happen with Seth Rollins and his faction that loyally follows the Monday Night Messiah will be an intriguing storyline over the next few weeks. The group was dealt some bad news with untimely illnesses and injuries, and now the group may see a completely overhaul.

On its way to becoming one of Raw’s biggest heel factions in some time, the first bit of bad news struck when Rezar of The AoP injured his bicep and had to undergo surgery. Reports are he’ll be out 7-8 months. Then, Dave Meltzer revealed that there currently are no plans to have Akam on-screen while Rezar is out.

More bad news struck as Murphy was rumored to be among the sick Superstars that was pulled from the WrestleMania card. It may be short-term, but the group isn’t really a faction with only two people.

There is some talk that WWE cancels the idea of Seth Rollins’ faction altogether but the more likely option is that they recruit new followers.

Who Joins Rollins Group?

WWE may ultimately run Rollins as a solo act, but if the company decides to run Rollins with Murphy and add two other people, who should they add?

There are plenty of people in WWE these days with little or nothing to do. The question will be if WWE can find muscle like AOP or if they should just add a short-term singles competitor in the hopes that AOP can return sooner than expected.

Much like Evolution did back when Batista was injured, WWE planned to replace him in the group but ultimately decided against it. If Rollins can run for a while with Murphy and one other star, maybe there’s a place for one more competitor. Otherwise, a tag team might get the nod.

Meanwhile, Rollins will take on Kevin Owens at WrestleMania 36 by himself. It’s not expected he’ll have any help from his followers. Could someone show up at the pay-per-view?

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