Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch React to WWE Releases

A number of WWE Superstars have reacted today to news that over 20 different on-air and behind-the-scenes talents were released by WWE today. In what is being called one of the worst days in recent WWE memory, a good group of people lost their jobs.

Two Superstars who kept their spots in WWE were Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins and both had comments today regarding the news.

Seth Rollins posted a video live on Istagram and noted that this was a “difficult day for all of us and my heart is broken for the guys and girls that had it worst today.” He said that he wanted to make sure to recognize everyone, including those that don’t always get the fanfare because they aren’t on camera. He was wishing them the best.

At the same time, Rollins pointed out that he was a little upset by the amount of negativity out there on social media, including towards WWE. “This is a difficult day for everyone, for all us.” he said. He added:

“If ever there was a moment for us to unify, for us to kind of band together and for us to do the best we can to keep this business alive, the best we know how, this is that moment. And I think pointing fingers or saying you should have done this or you should have done that.. this doesn’t feel like the time or the place for it.”

Rollins also talked about supporting each other and talking about those who are still fortunate enough to still have their jobs to rally together and build the business back to place where all of those people who were laid off can come back to.

His future wife, Becky Lynch also posted on Twitter today that she’s feeling for everyone and talked about how difficult a day this was. She posted:

Today is a tough day for all of us in and who love this business. When this hardship is over, I hope we’re all reunited working together to make some magic in front of the fans who make it all worthwhile.

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