Scarlett Bordeaux Talks Being Grabbed By Fan At AAA Event, Women’s Bodies

At Sunday’s AAA event, Scarlett Bordeaux was groped by a fan during her match. You can see the video below:

The footage of this incident has gone viral and comments are flooding in throughout the wrestling community as most fans are disgusted by the actions of this particular fan. Some, a very small minority of fans, are saying she asked for this. The debate is raging on and becoming a hot button topic.

Basically, as Bordeaux was getting back to her feet while outside the ring, a fans reached over the guardrail, grabbed her and pulled her toward him. He hugged her from behind and while it doesn’t appear he touched her in places that would get you arrested, the act itself was not at all appropriate.

Bordeaux didn’t even notice at first.

That said, after the match, she watched the incident back and took to social media to comment. She wrote:

Part of the reason there’s a debate at all (and their shouldn’t be) is because her character dresses so provocatively. Often described as one of the most scantily clad dressers in wrestling, some bozos are making the excuse that dressing this way invites such actions.

Bordeaux responded to this as well. She wrote:

What I wear is completely irrelevant. Could be a string bikini or a snowsuit, it doesn’t matter. My body is mine and you cannot touch me without my permission. Most fans I encounter are respectful, awesome people and I appreciate you…

When another Twitter user agreed with her and tried to expand on the idea of her character being different than her as a person, they wrote, ” The character of Scarlett Bordeaux is one that believes that sex sells. Behind that is a woman with just as much feelings & rights as any other woman in the world. “

Bordeux responded:

That’s not entirely accurate. Scarlett is a bit more complex than that. My character is someone self-liberated beyond other people’s subjective opinions on how a person should dress, behave and act. Sexy is subjective. I dress how I like.

No One Should Ever Touch The Wrestlers

There’s a lot going on here and the issue with fans touching wrestlers is a big one. In just the past few weeks, there have been multiple incidences where the live audience has gotten much closer to the action than they ever should have with wrestlers like Bully Ray and Jacob Fatu having direct contact with fans.

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