Sasha Banks Willing To Sit Out Remainder Of WWE Contract

The developments on the situation between WWE and Sasha Banks has taken an ugly turn if a recent report by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer is accurate.

Meltzer is reporting that a source has suggested Banks is willing to sit out the remainder of her current WWE contract plus whatever time the company adds because she chose not to work. This could mean she won’t be wrestling for an extremely long time but the result could wind up being much like Neville’s situation before he jumped to AEW.

Meltzer writes that WWE would like to have Banks back but she’s not willing to come back unless things change and that puts WWE in a tricky spot because it forces them to bow to pressure placed by Banks, arguably a Superstar without enough clout or status to force the company’s hand.

The drama all started at WrestleMania 35 weekend when the titles were removed from Banks and Bayley and given to The Iiconics. Speculation is that it wasn’t so much that the Iiconics won but that Banks and Bayley were promised a long run and a chance to defend the belts at the Saudi Arabia show. When WWE went back on that promise, Banks dropped the belts and left, but not before causing a scene backstage and at the hotel.

It seems unlikely WWE will cave in this situation but there may be a chance they come to a mutual agreement.

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