Sasha Banks Calls Out Fans, Hints At Role In Superstar Shake-Up

In respect to Sasha Banks, after all the drama that has been the past week, she finally spoke to fans. Well, at least some of them.

The Internet and much of the WWE Universe has been buzzing with speculation as to what might be going on with Banks after rumors were she left WrestleMania’s site of New Jersey very unhappy, went on vacation and hadn’t really been heard from since. Speculation was that she wasn’t returning to WWE this week for the Superstar Shake-up.

It appears Banks has finally spoken and if you read between the lines, it looks like she’ll either be on Raw tonight or she’s switching brands and heading to SmackDown, potentially to feud with Becky Lynch.

Lynch has publicly stated she has no desire to unify her two titles. As such, she’s likely to have two challengers fighting with her each week. Perhaps one of the challengers will be Lacey Evans, who will go after the Raw Women’s Championship. Perhaps the other challenger will be Sasha Banks, who moves to SmackDown Live and challenges for that title.

A Feud Fans Want

Since whispers of Banks being unhappy made waves, there were some people that called her a whiner and suggested WWE should let her leave. Most fans are in favor of giving Banks a push and a match between Banks and Lynch is high on people’s wish list.

If comments like, “If you only knew, ya marks!” means anything, it’s that people got wind of an idea, blew it out of proportion and the women involved in this next feud are fine with that. They seem to know the truth and that truth being she’ll be on tv this week and playing a role with WWE, not any other company.

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