Sasha Banks Update: Tried To Quit, WWE Wants Her To Wait

While the wrestling world was wondering what the social media posts Sasha Banks sent out were all about — she was clearly frustrated with something and pulled out of an appearance on the Wendy Williams show — a few updates later on Thursday have suggested Banks is so upset, she tried to quit WWE.

The issue seems to be that Banks was upset about the last-minute decision to take the Tag Title belts off Bayley and Banks and put them on the Iiconics. Part of it is that some view the Iiconics as a team that might make the belts seem less prestigious than they should be, but most of the concern seems to be centered around the idea that Banks was given the impression she and Bayley were going to get a lengthy run as champions.

Dave Meltzer first reported the updated in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscribe here), that Sasha wasn’t just unhappy but tried to quit WWE over the weekend. Further reports are that WWE told her to take a vacation, think it over and get back to them. The hope is that she was making an emotional decision and cooler heads will prevail.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful has backed up the report by Meltzer and says Bayley was also clearly frustrated but not willing to walk.

Ultimately, Banks will hopefully cool down and the two sides will come to some sort of middle-ground compromise because WWE is not likely to grant her release.

The question will become, is this a case of terrible communication between Vince and his talent, bad booking decisions or entitled Superstars who think they should get something and simply try to quit when it doesn’t work out for them. There will be some who argue all sides of that stance.

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