Sasha Banks: Too Late or Right on Time?

Guest post by: “The Raging Reverend” Donny Starr

Guess what?… Sasha Banks is mean now.

Gone since WrestleMania, and her absence filled with inexplicable philosophical quotes, you almost thought that the crowd wasn’t going to be on her side upon her return. That said, they were and her return on Monday Night Raw was great.

Already in a sling as a result of her match against Becky Lynch at SummerSlam, Natalya had the breaks beat off of her by Banks upon The Boss’ return. And, to step things up a notch, and make things more interesting, with a potential future money match on the line, Banks beat Becky Lynch mercilessly with a chair. Did this have to happen?


Banks could not wait for a build-up. She had to come in hot and heavy to be re-injected into the main event story. But is it too late or right on time? Consider these factors:

1. WWE’s move to FOX means they need everyone on deck to set the pace. Whatever happened to get her back I’m sure made the execs happy.

2. Bayley vs. Banks is a championship bout everyone would love to see. The envy alone should have Banks knocking at Bayley’s door.

3. Becky Lynch’s saga of “The Man” has cooled. Even she knows it. That’s why she came after Banks in a recent interview. While that match would be good, there’s nothing like two best friends battling it out for the title.

Banks’ Return Had to Happen This Way

If you look at it from that angle, Banks fell right into place. The Boss still has some ground to recover, but it won’t take long and her fan base hasn’t stopped loving her. That alone will keep her on TV and if things work out, back in the championship status many feel she deserves to be.

I for one predict that might be something WWE makes her work extra hard to get. Then again, ratings are ratings.

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