Sasha Banks Retweets AEW Fyter Fest Promo

Interestingly, Sasha Banks just tweeted out a promotion for AEW Fyter Fest. Why, we don’t know. If she’ll get in hot water from WWE, one would think so.

What this means for her WWE status or talks about a potential return to WWE has to be affected.

The below video was retweeted by Banks earlier on Thursday afternoon:

Banks’ frustrations with WWE are no secret to most wrestling fans and until details about the communication between herself and WWE become more clear, it’s hard to pass judgement.

That said, upon initial viewing and with limited knowledge about what’s really going on behind the scenes, this doesn’t look good. It’s also a pretty disrespectful thing for Banks to do if everyone is honestly trying to work out their respective beefs and bring her back to the WWE.

It’s not illogical to assume that tweeting your competition’s promotional material is a big no-no. Banks has to assume that WWE won’t be happy with the fact she’s helping their newest competitor. Just the optics alone don’t look ideal.

Is this a sign that she’s working on something with AEW? Is she going to be at Fyter Fest? Most likely, no. But, is she trying to upset the powers that be in WWE? Who knows.

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