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Sasha Banks and Bayley Teasing Match at SummerSlam?

Sasha Banks and Bayley had some friction after Banks’ qualifying match on SmackDown where she failed to pick up a win over Lacey Evans. Thanks to a distraction from Bayley, Banks will have to find another way to become at top contender for the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

It was clear that Banks and Bayley might not be seeing eye-to-eye, but the first teases of an eventual bout between the two popped up on Instragram after Banks’ loss.

When Banks said she couldn’t wait for the summer, Bayley responded, “Me either, let’s go to the beach!!!” Banks responded again saying, “hope you can swim.”

You can see a screenshot of the conversation below:

Sasha Banks teases match with Bayley
Sasha Banks teases match with Bayley

Are the two teasing a match for SummerSlam with this post, or is this just some fun ribbing between the two best friends?

A SummerSlam match would make sense as that PPV is often meant to be a place where month-long feuds come to an end and there’s plenty of time to build on the friction between Banks and Bayley, extending Bayley’s record-long reign as champion and meaning even more when Banks finally takes the title.

WWE has been playing the slow build game with these two as was evident on Friday’s SmackDown and as best friends, these two could have a lot of fun dragging out the drama, eventually result in an explosive situation.

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