SAnitY Members Confirm Official Break Up

Hidden in all the shuffling of Superstars last night on the Raw edition of the Superstar Shake-up was the subtle dropping of Eric Young’s name as a new member of the red brand. The leader of SAnitY, he was alone in his move to Monday nights and none of the members of the group were mentioned alongside his name.

Immediate speculation was that the faction was being broken up by WWE and this is now the case as some of the members of the group have taken to social media to confirm the hunch.

Dain took to Twitter today and thanked everyone for supporting SAnitY. He wrote, “Good luck @TheEricYoung Good luck @TheWWEWolfe I’ll miss you both terribly. Had the time of my life as part of Sanity!! You are phenomenal in the ring and outside of it. Thanks to everyone who supported us”

Wolfe re-tweeted the comments from Dain and also commented on the Shakeup. He wrote, “#SuperstarShakeup very interesting… What do YOU want?”

He then posted his own message remembering his time in the group. He then said goodbye to the SmackDown Live locker room making it feel like he was done with WWE.

The only name moved, Young has not publicly commented on the Shakeup or the status of SAnitY but it seems his mates are all that’s need to know this group is no more.

Unfortunate Run For SAnitY

A popular faction in NXT, the group came up to SmackDown in June 2018 but were hardly used. When they were, it wasn’t pretty, often on the receiving end of beatdowns or losses. Their most recent loss came at the hands of The Undisputed Era on the NXT vs. NXT Alumni Worlds Collide special on the WWE Network this past Sunday.

Most fans are crying foul, citing the fact this group never really got a chance on the main roster. With their breakup and the renaming of the War Raiders to The Viking Experience, the WWE Universe seems to be laying the blame at the feet of Vince McMahon and are left to wonder, what else could he do tonight as SmackDown Live presents the second half of the Superstar Shake-up?

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