[Rumor] Samoa Joe Will Be Moved to Raw on Monday

During all the shuffling of deck chairs that was the Superstar Shake-up, one name that was supposed to move but didn’t was Samoa Joe. Extremely sick with the flu, Joe was in Montreal on Monday, but too ill to be featured in his segment with Braun Strowman. The EC3 destruction was a last-minute alteration as a result.

Finn Balor moved over to SmackDown Live and with it, he took the Intercontinental Title. That typically means the United States Championships will come the other way and it appears that was WWE’s plan all along.

WWE.com has not listed Joe as an official member of Raw yet and under the Superstars section, he’s still listed as a SmackDown Superstar, but a segment is being planned for this week to explain why Joe didn’t move during the Shake-up and to build towards a feud with Strowman over the championship.

Can’t Have Uneven Titles

The idea here is that WWE doesn’t not want all the major mid-card titles on one brand. Moving Joe ensures that one of the main mid-level championships is being repped on each show. No word on whether or not WWE has plans to give the belt to Strowman or stretch the feud out of a while.

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