Returning WWE Superstar to Get Big Push and Be “Major Player”

On this past week’s episode of RAW, Sami Zayn made his surprise return to WWE and after losing a match to Finn Balor for the Intercontinental Title, let the fans have it with a scathing in-ring promo. He came out again the next night on SmackDown Live and instead of going off, simply said, “You know what? You’re not worth it.”

The two promos have gotten a lot of people talking including a former WWE wrestler, a Hall of Famer, current backstage producer and now radio guest, Mark Henry. Henry was so impressed, he’s gone public to suggest that Zayn could be the next “major player” in WWE.

Henry commented on Busted Open about Zayn’s recent promo, praising the WWE Superstar for calling out judgmental fans. Of the segment, Henry called Zayn, “On fire.” He added, “That was not written for him. They said, ‘Sami, how do you feel about this situation?’ I got this.”

Suggest Zayn is seeing this as an opportunity to really seize a chance to make a dent with his return, he was going to let the world hear his thoughts and he’s not about to hold back. Henry described Zayn’s approach as “You have been judged, sir.”

Henry said after he heard Zayn’s promo, he walked up to him and I said, “‘Man, who the hell are you? Who are you? Where has this guy been all this time?’ He said, ‘Mark, I’m not holding back any more.’ I said, ‘Don’t. Please don’t hold back!'”

WWE clearly liked something Zayn did as well because they brought him out two nights in a row.

This is the type of thing that Vince notices. If Zayn can continue to hit it out of the park with his promos and get people talking, you can bet WWE will give him more mic time and more chances to shine. Expect him to be a big player during the Superstar Shake-up in some way and don’t be surprised if he gets a chance to run with a major feud, possibly with Kevin Owens.

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