Sami Zayn Mentions AEW During Raw

It was a strange segment to say the least. An electric chair that was meant to force Sami Zayn answer controversial questions, the segment wasn’t controversial at all. That is, until Zayn name dropped AEW for no real reason.

The electric chair segment was one WWE had never done before. Probably for good reason. It was terrible.

The questions that came from the WWE audience were clearly pre-determined and lame. Instead of asking about his new personality and if he was speaking for Vince McMahon or if he’d thought about not coming back to WWE. Maybe he’s unhappy with his position. Fans didn’t ask any of those questions,. Instead, they asked, “Do you miss the Ginger Snaps?” or “Why haven’t you won the Universal Title?”

Then bashing the audience for asking stupid questions (questions that were clearly pre-set by WWE) Sami Zayn tried to troll the live WWE audience when he said, “You could have asked me about AEW!”

Why Would WWE Do This?

This entire segment didn’t make sense. It was odd, out of place and lacked a purpose. It was poorly delivered and the AEW reference was strangely timed. It got a reaction from the crowd but it felt more like Vince just being frustrated and telling Zayn to troll the audience and their new competition.

Many will say this is WWE laying down the gauntlet. This is the first time they referenced AEW on live television.

Whatever the reason, it feels like a mistake. Clearly rattled, WWE had a good opportunity to come back strong after seeing AEW’s Double or Nothing PPV this weekend. Instead, they delivered one of the worst Raw’s in recent memory.

It was a dropped ball of epic proportions that fans and wrestling media will be surely talking about over the next few hours.

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