Rusev Stirs Wrestling Community Up With Vague Tweet

While the wrestling fan community weighs in on the drama that seems to be Sasha Banks taking a break from WWE, posting cryptic updates on her social media account and pulling out of media appearances, one WWE Superstar isn’t working hard to squash the speculation.

On Friday, WWE Superstar Rusev tweet “Botch Master is unhappy! Be gone.”

Within minutes the wrestling world who saw the tweet started asking and assuming as to who Rusev was referring to. Banks, who has a bit of a history getting hurt and hurting others in the ring, was the assumed target by most fans, although others saw the tweet as an opportunity for a joke or two.

Rusev didn’t elaborate, likely letting the Twitterverse run wild but if he was talking about Sasha, or being serious, it’s interesting that he would be so public about things.

Unless, of course, this is all a work. Some have suggested as much.

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