Rusev on His Way to AEW?

He’s already come out and stated the “dirt sheets” have the wrong information and there’s no confirmation from AEW that they’re even interested but rumors continue to swirl that Rusev may be on his way out of WWE and headed to AEW.

Rusev’s WWE contract is reportedly expiring relatively soon, according to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio.

But, is Rusev actually interested in leaving the security of WWE? The company will certainly offer an extension to stick around as they’ve done with talents like Mike and Maria Kanellis, Mojo Rawley and others. Jumping to a company like AEW seems enticing if you’re unhappy in WWE (which Rusev is rumoured to be) but money speaks loudly.

What Are the Odds?

Other rumors suggest Rusev had asked for time off and is currently taking that time off which is why he’s not been on WWE programming lately. There’s no confirmation to those reports and that news is merely speculation at this point. With WWE all but abandoning the brand split, it’s simply become harder to get all of the vast roster on the show each week.

It looks like rumors will continue, especially if his contract is coming due. Is Lana’s as well? One has to assume as much and considering they are a married couple that would likely leave or stay together, does that change the likelihood of either sticking with the biggest wrestling company in the world?

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