Rumors Are WWE Has Cancelled Production On WWE 2K21

With some negative feedback from the last installment and a major change in the ability to produce the game because of COVID-19, rumors are circulating that WWE 2K will not be producing a video game this year.

WWE 2K20 hit shelves about six months ago and was almost immediately doomed. Glitches and gaps in the game, along with multiple updates and patches, trying to fix the everlasting issues made it so that WWE 2K20 was about as badly received as any video game in a while.

What’s out there now is playable and leaps and bounds better than what was first released, but the game is still not getting favorable reviews by most analysts who took it to task in a major way.

Now, it appears the next version won’t have the same issues. That’s because there may not be a next version.

According to Justin Leeper, who was the narrative leader for some of WWE games’ Road to WrestleMania series, he’s hearing the game will take a year off. “I heard from a reliable source, and I really believe it, that WWE 2K21 was canceled. There will be no game this year,” Leeper revealed in a video to his many followers.

It’s Not Just Because The Game Was Bad

That the game was so terrible would be reason enough to understand WWE and 2K taking a step back. But, when you factor in the new difficult task of making the game under the current global conditions, it makes sense to assume there won’t be a new version next year.

By this time, WWE and 2K have typically started working with wrestlers on motion capture for the game. That’s physically impossible considering the quarantines and guidelines set by the CDC to self isolate.

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