Rumored Layoffs Could Be In The Hundreds

As per popular rumors scribe @WrestleVotes, the layoffs WWE is currently undergoing and the list of names released on Wednesday isn’t even scratching the surface of the many talents, producers, staffers and personalities who will lose their jobs.

With rumors that as many as 40% of the on-air or behind-the-scenes staff/independent contractors could be out of work, WrestleVotes posted:

All I can say is wow at this point. The number of people, staff + talent, let go will be in the hundreds when it’s all set and done. Well into the hundreds. A dark day in WWE history.

So, what exactly does that mean? Well, as WWE continues to produce shows out of the WWE Performance Center and there is no good indication as to when live arena events might return, the need for many of the roster and staff WWE had been keeping on payroll has gone way down. As such, in an effort to reduce costs and manage losses through this tough time, more and more cuts will probably be coming.

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