[Rumor] WWE Willing To Grant Releases Based On One Condition

The news that WWE Superstars are requesting releases is public knowledge and WWE not granting them is also fair. But, could one particular condition change all that?

Sin Cara is the latest in what seems like a long line of WWE Superstars to go public on their desire to be let go from the company. Stars like Luke Harper, Jordan Myles, Mike Kanellis and other talents have also made it public knowledge they aren’t happy. But, it has also been reported WWE officials aren’t keen on releasing talents who ask.

The reason? WWE has concern over some of these talents jumping to AEW or other promotions that directly compete with WWE. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes WWE stopped granting releases after giving them to Shawn Spears and Dustin Rhodes, who went on to add value to AEW. 

That said, things may be changing. 

Word going around now is that WWE may consider granting releases for stars they internally don’t see as a threat. If stars either sign that they won’t sign with AEW or WWE doesn’t believe AEW would want them, they could get their walking papers. As such, it’s now believed that Sin Cara has a chance to have his release granted. Myles might not be too far behind since he’s likely deemed toxic at this moment in time based on his public social media posts. 

Smart Move By WWE

Why wouldn’t WWE do this? If they don’t believe these stars can help AEW, it doesn’t hurt WWE to let them leave. In fact, if AEW were to sign a guy like Sin Cara and he didn’t help the product, it would have to be considered a small win for WWE. 

As more information becomes available about these requests and possible releases, we’ll make sure to update these posts. 

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