[Rumor] WWE To Film WrestleMania 36 From Multiple Locations, But Where?

While the actual Hooters restaurant Death Match Challenge Bray Wyatt made to John Cena might not be in the works, it appears WWE is going to utilize multiple venues outside the Performance Center. 

WWE has announced WrestleMania 36 will take place over two nights and so far, only the WWE PC has been listed as a venue. That said, it’s not terribly realistic to envision WWE having 5-7 matches on each night, getting tag bouts and other contests in, all while keeping the show entertaining. WWE is well aware their ratings for the past two WWE PC shows are the lowest portions of each episode.

As such, it was reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that most of the WrestleMania 36 material will air from the WWE PC, but some special “gimmick matches” will be shot at other locations, even if those locations haven’t been officially confirmed.

Former NFL star Rob Gronkowski will host the two-night event and speculation is that his main job will be to send fans to each feed, moving from venue to venue and introducing special stipulations for many of the contests. Those locations will all be closed sets with a strict regulation on how many people can be there. 

According to ESPN’s Marc Raimondi, some of the speculated locations will be WWE HQ and TV studios in Stamford, the Performance Center’s 3D Suite, — which would allow WWE to have matches in front of any 360 degree computer generated background — and WWE might try and lean on their relationships with FOX and NBCUniversal.

WrestleMania is going to be interesting, historic and unique and while it poses major challenges, WWE seems to be formulating a plan to make it as entertaining as possible. This many include pre-recording a number of the matches and airing them for a live audience to ensure each contest is as entertaining as possible.

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