[Rumor] WWE Testing Out Idea of Unscripted Promos Using Kevin Owens

Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated recently reported that Kevin Owens has gone unscripted with his promos of late, something WWE is not known for letting its performers do.

Unless your name is Dwayne Johnson, there hasn’t been too many occasions where perfomers in WWE get carte blanche to say what they want. Instead, WWE has a host of writers, many of whom work directly with Superstars, writing word-for-word what is expected to be said on television. This practice was one of the areas Jon Moxley was most critical of when he was Dean Ambrose in WWE.

Perhaps, in this respect, WWE is turning a corner. Kevin Owens dropped somewhat of a pipebomb on last week’s SmackDown Live and it appears WWE is allowing him to work off of bullet points instead of a script for his recent promos.

Is this a major turning of the corner for Vince McMahon and WWE? Or, is this just a specific case where they trust Kevin Owens so explicitly, he’ll be the one and only Superstar to get to take this idea for a trial run?

For many of the Superstars in the backstage area, the former has to be what most are hoping for.

Let the WWE Talent Talk

Superstars that can talk and use the mic to express what they’re truly feeling if they were in the spot or predicament their character plays is, by far, the best way to deliver a promo that’s memorable and honest. Trying to have these Superstars simply deliver pre-written lines hurts the product and when you consider WWE has been known for hiring writers without a professional wrestling background, the practice of letting someone else speak on behalf of the wrestlers seems almost ludicrous.

Here’s to hoping Kevin Owens continues to knock it out of the park with his promo work. Should he, WWE and Vince McMahon may extend the same courtesy to more and more talent.

And, if the latest regarding Paul Heyman wanting to make promos feel more genuine is true, there’s another person with some clout pushing for that change too.

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