[Rumor] WWE Teasing Styles and Good Brother Club Reunion

It appears WWE might be reuniting a group that dominated other promotions but has yet to find their rhythm in Vince’s company.

During Monday’s Raw, there was a short segment in the backstage area where AJ Styles was examined by WWE medical staff. Awaiting the ok to return to in-ring action the Good Brothers entered and joked with their good friend. Only Styles wasn’t in the mood.

Clearly glad to see them, Styles wanted to talk about something more serious.

He started with, “Hey, I was thinking about you guys,” and went on to recall their days together in Japan, their debut in the Staples Center and how they took out the Usos to make a statement. Styles wondered where that former Good Brothers team had gone?

Saying it was time to get serious and win, he asked Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows the last time they recalled winning a match or being on Raw regularly. His former running buddies’ moods changed in a hurry.

The Good Brothers vowed to prove a point in their match against the Usos on Raw and while Styles watched backstage, their cockiness and overconfidence got the better of them. The Usos pulled out the win.

Styles caught up with his friends backstage after the match and in a WWE.com exclusive admonished his former partners. “All you had to do was stay on them! You had it won!” He continued, “You guys are better than that, I’ve seen better from you.” Saying there is a time and a place for the Too Sweet posing, he said, “Get serious, I’m begging you.”

Will Fans Actually See The Faction Reunite?

We can only hope this is the beginning of a storyline that will bring these former friends together again. The Good Brothers haven’t really gotten a fair shake since coming over from Japan and deserve more. Styles, meanwhile, would be a great leader and his character could use a bit of a refresh.

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