[Rumor] WWE Stomping Grounds to Undergo Significant Changes

Word is spreading on Monday that WWE’s upcoming pay-per-view, Stomping Grounds is having ticket-sale troubles. There are plenty of tickets still remaining for the show and WWE has massively reduced the prices of seats to try and get more people in the building this Sunday.

Sunday’s WWE Stomping Grounds will take place in the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, Washington. Besides WWE offering 2-for-1 ticket deals, the company has also closed off all hard-camera sections in an apparent attempt to fill the TV sides.

Reports are that WWE officials are concerned about the low ticket sales and speculation is that card might undergo significant changes. According to @Wrestlevotes, the popular wrestling rumors account on Twitter, there’s no word yet on what those changes to the card might be, but tonight’s go-home edition of RAW will give everyone a better idea of what WWE is thinking.

The account asked,”What’s one thing you would change or add to Stomping Grounds to get you excited for the show?” With close to 300 comments, fans had a number of suggestions.

One thing WWE could have done differently was actually promote the show and put together matches that meant something. They didn’t. This is what they get.

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