[Rumor] WWE Re-Signs Undertaker, Limits Non-WWE Appearances

New reports seem to suggest WWE was not terribly happy about the fact The Undertaker was booking non-WWE appearances. His recent appearance on Raw and his pulling out of a Q&A in the UK show that WWE is putting the squash on his work outside the company and that may continue if speculation is true.

According to a report by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, the Undertaker is no longer allowed to take part in that portion of the event and any future events like it won’t include his appearances.

Meltzer added that it looks like the Undertaker signed a new deal with WWE. He said:

“Whatever it was you know Undertaker he’s got some new thing where he can’t be… you know. He’s gonna fulfill his commitments, but I don’t think he’s gonna do new ones because that’s the new deal he signed with WWE because WWE doesn’t want him doing it anymore.”

For some fans, this will come as a big disappointment. Undertaker created a social media presence over the past few months thinking he would need a booking agent to help secure his personal appearances. At the same time, WWE didn’t have a plan for him for WrestleMania 35 and it looked like his time with WWE was coming to somewhat of an end. New reports are, WWE got worried about how that would make the character look and gave him a big new deal to come back.

There are reports that perhaps Undertaker’s moves to book outside appearances was his way of creating leverage to get a new deal and while there’s no confirmation of that, if true, it worked if this new “big” deal has been signed. Further to that, Undertaker might do the appearances he had already committed to but rumors are, no Q & A’s will be involved.

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