[Rumor] WWE Pushing Matt Riddle vs. Brock Lesnar For WrestleMania 36

WWE NXT Superstar Matt Riddle took to Twitter today and commented on the news that Brock Lesnar might be headed back to WWE after UFC said Lesnar was officially retired.

Fans already caught wind of the fact Lesnar would be back for WWE at the next Saudi Arabia show but Riddle has a different show in mind when it comes to an important date with the Beast Incarnate. Riddle wants to meet Lesnar at WrestleMania 36 and with speculation Lesnar might retire after that, WWE may be on board with the idea.

Riddle wrote, “Rumor has it the beast is coming back to @WWE and the bro couldn’t be happier! See you at #wrestlemania36 @BrockLesnar #bro #ob #originalbro #stallion #splx”

This is not the first time Riddle has referenced wanting to retire Lesnar. This is just the latest and it appears he’s going to push the topic repeatedly in hopes WWE goes that direction.

Why Wouldn’t They Go Riddle vs. Lesnar?

And, why not push Riddle vs. Lesnar? There’s plenty of time for Riddle to get called up to the main roster, WWE.com has teased the idea when discussing dream matches for next year’s show and the company clearly needs new stars. This would be an incredible way to give Riddle the momentum he needs to become one of the more popular performers in WWE.

But, a few things need to happen first. Lesnar needs to sign another short-term deal that will see him wrestle up to and through WrestleMania 36 (beyond just the Saudi show) and Riddle needs to make his way to WWE’s main roster in the next six months.

It’s possible; but unlikely that WWE tries this storyline idea, promotion and push while Riddle is part of the NXT roster.

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