[Rumor] WWE Plans To Give Upset Fans Feel Good Moments With WrestleMania 36

It appears with all the talk that WWE felt they owed it to the WWE Universe to provide entertainment in a time that a lot of fans aren’t feeling so good, this might be a hint at some of the plans for booking matches at WrestleMania. 36.

WWE filmed the pay-per-view and is working on editing the show to start airing the event this Saturday night. Apparently, WWE is going heavy on the edits with feel-good moments of WWE Superstars and there’s speculation they’ve booked a few matches with the specific idea that there will be feel-good moments they believe fans will get behind.

Whether that means Otis finally getting the better of Dolph Ziggler or Drew McIntyre finally realizing his dream, we’re not sure. That said, The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that due to the awful coronavirus and how it’s really created a lot of ugly situations for people, WWE might give fans a lot to be happy about when everything is said and done. Meltzer notes:

One would expect a feelgood show with lots of babyfaces going over and title changes. Even if you can’t deliver on atmosphere, you can on endings and stories.

Those moments obviously won’t have the same feeling they would if realized in front of a huge crowd, but the hope is that the audience at home can really grab the emotion from the WWE Superstars and forget about their troubles, even if for just a couple of days.

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