[Rumor] WWE Interested in Signing Joey Ryan

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE officials have had talks with, of all people, Joey Ryan about coming to work in their developmental system and being a coach at NXT.

Reports are that Ryan was not given an official WWE offer but was contacted after the company got word that he was a free agent and let out of his Lucha Underground contract. The intent by WWE was to have Ryan move to Orlando, wrestle in WWE NXT for a few years, and then become a coach.

The speculation is that Ryan will say no to WWE and eventually go work with All Elite Wrestling. Ryan is one of the few indy guys making great money with his penis gimmick and reports are his takehome pay is much higher than that of the average NXT prospect’s salary. If not for his age, he might consider it, but Ryan has only a few years left to capitalize on the popularity he’s found in his new character and doesn’t want to put it to the side while it’s on fire.

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