[Rumor] WWE Intentionally Leaking Spoilers About WrestleMania 36

As most fans know, WWE has taped most, if not all of the events that are set to take place at next weekend’s WrestleMania pay-per-view. Because they can’t stream live, the pre-recorded segments were shot Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this past week. But, on Thursday, reports started to surface that things were falling apart.

Rumors were that Roman Reigns pulled himself from the card out of health concerns. It was then revealed The Miz showed up to tape and was under the weather, ultimately leading to him being pulled. Andrade was apparently injured and reports of other stars being off the show started to make the rounds and then reported that those initial reports were inaccurate.

The latest word is that WWE may be leaking some of these rumors.

In an attempt to keep people surprised and have websites like this one report the wrong information, they are leaking things about the tapings that either a) never happened or b) they taped and don’t intend to use. All of this is being done to keep fans from hearing the real truth about what was filmed and if spoilers do leak, that the jumbled up mess of so many rumors being out there will confuse fans as to what’s real and what isn’t.

As per Sportskeeda’s Tom Colohue:

They are taking some precautions. They are taking one major precaution. To my knowledge, it’s not recording multiple finishes, although, of course, they can record multiple things and see what works well in the edit. They are essentially taking, what I think is the best precaution they can possibly take. They are intentionally leaking false spoilers.

Smart Move by WWE

While a closed set was going to keep many of the spoilers from leaking and other scribes are doing their best not to share what they know, it’s bound to get out there that some of what was shot leaked. Why not be in control of the narrative by leaking stuff you want people to report, all the while, clouding what really happened?

Like a movie studio leaking a fake script, WWE is just quietly letting people know as much as they’d like them to. And with every new rumor that comes out, we have to wonder whether or not what we’ve already heard is true or not.


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