[Rumor] Winner Take All For WrestleMania 35 Main Event

After defeating Asuka for the SmackDown Live Women’s Championship this past Tuesday, there were questions about what would happen in the main event of WrestleMania 35 on April 7, 2019. Would it become a Triple Threat match with only one title on the line? Would Charlotte even be in the match?

It appears those questions may have been answered.

WWE initially confirmed the triple threat match would still be only for the RAW title, but on this morning’s Wrestler Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer reported the match could have a “Winner Take All” or “All On The Line” stipulation added to it, hearing two different names for the stipulation.

Sort of like crowning an undisputed champion, the basic idea is that whoever secures the pinfall could be crowned double champion. This would certainly be the case if Charlotte pinned Rousey or the other way around. The other option is that whoever is pinned or submits loses their title. Thus, if Lynch pins Charlotte, she becomes SmackDown champion. If she pins Rousey, she becomes Raw champion.

What becomes interesting here is that this stipulation, in some way, protects a competitor like Rousey but allows the win to go to Lynch. If Lynch pins or submits Charlotte, no one will cause much of a stink. But, if Lynch pins or submits Rousey, it potentially knocks Rousey down a couple pegs which WWE doesn’t want. By giving Charlotte the belt on Tuesday, they effectively gave WWE and Rousey an out.

Expect there to be more clarity on the situation on Monday’s RAW and whatever WWE decides, it will be hard to know if the fans will be happy about it or not. Clearly, the WWE Universe was more interested in a one-on-one with Rousey and Lynch and now they’ve gotten Charlotte and another title thrown into the mix.

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