[Rumor] Undertaker Will Not Appear at WrestleMania 35

For fans who were waiting for news that The Undertaker would be finally announced as part of the WrestleMania 35 show, according to Brad Shepard on the Oh, You Didn’t Know podcast (h/t Ringside News), you’ll be disappointed. The expectation is now that Undertaker will not be at WrestleMania next Sunday.

Shepard said, “WWE is now operating as if The Undertaker will not be at WrestleMania.” He called it a big surprised to many in the company because there was always an expectation the two sides would work it out. Shepard added, “Doesn’t look like that’s going to happen now at least as of right now they’re operating as if he won’t be there. So very interesting.”

This should be seen as a surprise but not really a shocker. WWE hasn’t promoted his involvement in the show in any way and he’s not really in the condition to wrestle a match at his age and lack of mobility. Unlike last year where he appeared briefly against John Cena, WWE promoted that possibility for weeks. This year, he’s not been mentioned at all.

It is possible things still change last minute and he is there, but as of now, that’s looking unlikely. This morning WWE did revisit an Undertaker moment on Twitter so maybe there is still hope.

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