[Rumor/Spoiler] Winner Set for WrestleMania 35 Main Event

While anything mentioned at this point is still speculation and WWE has a few days to change plans, reports seem to be that one certain member of the main event has been the participant selected to win it all for some time. Speculation is that Becky Lynch will be leaving WrestleMania 35 with both women’s championship titles.

Dave Meltzer provided a spoiler of sorts on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio. He suggested the plan is to have the top babyface going into this match win and it has been WWE’s plan to give Lynch a massive push coming out of this historic match for months. Vince has deemed her the chosen one and it goes part and parcel with her being offered a new contract extension with the company.

Meltzer says:

“The idea is to make this the biggest Women’s Title match of all time with everything at stake and the person that everyone wants to see win is gonna win and she the chosen one. She is the one that they picked. I mean maybe not last year, but it’s been that way for months. I think some people do know that, but it just amazes me that people can watch this TV and not see it.”

There is also buzz that WWE has not actually decided what to do with both belts after the match. A decision has apparently not been made as to whether to re-split the titles onto two different titleholders or let Lynch run with both. Meltzer suggests that if Lynch pins Rousey, expect Rousey to take that rumored break from WWE. If she pins Charlotte, it will open up a storyline where Flair can come back and seek revenge for what she deemed an unfair victory by Lynch.

All of this is only now possible because Stephanie McMahon opened Monday’s Raw by declaring the Women’s main event match was now a “Winner Takes All” contest.

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