[Rumor] Lesnar to Win Universal Championship Monday on Raw?

There is buzz floating around the Brock Lesnar will win the Universal Championship on tomorrow’s edition of Monday Night Raw.

WWE is promoting that Lesnar will be cashing in his Money In The Bank contract against Seth Rollins this week on RAW. They wrote:

After Brock Lesnar learned about the one-year clause in the Money in the Bank contract, the question on everyone’s mind was when The Beast would make his move. Now, Paul Heyman has put the matter to rest: It’s happening this week, and it’s happening against Universal Champion Seth Rollins.

Normally, this wouldn’t mean much. Perhaps, like last week, Lesnar is just saying things with no intention of going through with them. After all, he did learn that he was an entire year to cash in. Or, because The Beast Incarnate is being advertised for the WWE Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia on June 7th, but he doesn’t have an opponent yet, there could be something to all of this.

Right now the Super ShowDown card is underwhelming. If Lesnar becomes the champion and moves on to face either Rollins or Baron Corbin, WWE might believe it will draw a few more eyeballs to the show. Also, the ratings for WWE Raw were incredibly poor last week. Vince relies on Lesnar (whether he should or not is another question) and in a panic, might just put the title back around his waist.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer explained how Brock Lesnar is very likely going to walk out of RAW with another title this week.

He said:

“I think he’s winding up with the championship by the end of the night…Seth Rollins does have Baron Corbin. Kofi Kingston does have Dolph Ziggler. I don’t think anyone will cry if either of those matches are changed.

The Counter Argument for Lesnar Winning

The only reason to look at this another way is that WWE seems to like the idea of Lesnar walking around with the briefcase as a boombox. They may try to prolong that idea and if he wins, he won’t have the Beast Box any longer.

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