[Rumor] Jeff Hardy Considered Instead of Strowman For WrestleMania

WrestleTalk is reporting that Braun Strowman was not the original choice to face Goldberg at WrestleMania this year, No, there was some heavy consideration to use someone else.

Noting that the WWE was actually going to have Goldberg win until it became clear he was not interested in extending his current deal for any additional matches, WWE decided to take the belt off Goldberg. It then became a decision about who would assume the role of new champion by the time WrestleMania was over.

Before Strowman got the call, WWE was tossing around another name.

They write:

The decision to have Stromwan in the match instead of Reigns was made when it was clear whoever replaced Roman would be winning the title. There were reportedly talks of giving Jeff Hardy the role, but WWE ultimately went with the “Monster Among Men”.

Hardy recently returned to WWE and made a single appearance on an empty-arena show for SmackDown. He didn’t appear again and didn’t have a role in the biggest pay-per-view of the year. Part of the decision to perhaps use Hardy would have been because it was unexpected.

Would It Have Been A Shot At Matt?

The are others who believe that maybe Hardy as the choice would have been seen as a kick to Matt Hardy for leaving. WWE worked hard not to have Matt leave and he chose to go to AEW. There might have been some thought to show Matt that things could have worked out for him had he stayed and ‘Oh look, your brother is now our champion.’

Ultimately, WWE chose to go with the more believable opponent in Strowman and with Reigns not potentially returning to the company for some time, he’s perhaps the more marketable champion.

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