[Rumor] Dixie Carter Working On WWE Project

While WWE has not confirmed it and Dixie Carter hasn’t come right out and used the words WWE in any of her social media posts, it looks the former main stakeholder of TNA and Impact Wrestling is, once again, working with WWE. And, if this is true, it might be on a project that centers around now WWE star and former TNA star EC3.

It’s still rare to see Impact and WWE work together on anything and the last time Carter showed up in a WWE project she was taking part in a documentary that discussed Kurt Angle’s history with WWE and Impact Wrestling /TNA. WWE understood she had a front-row seat to some of Angle’s work and checkered past with that promotion and to have her first-hand account of the story was helpful to them during the shooting of the documentary.

Now she might be doing something similar, this time for WWE Superstar EC3.

Carter posted photos of her traveling to Stamford, Connecticut where the head offices of WWE are, she took photos once she arrived and said ” Fun day filming TV” and then wrote “Just saying… #toponepercent #carterblood@therealec3 @wwe ” in another photo where she was holding up a sign for EC3.

So What Is Carter Doing?

While this could be about a documentary or a new intro, maybe a special on EC3 for WWE Network, whatever it is, hopefully, it leads to a push for EC3. One of the biggest stars in Impact Wrestling when Carter was a main figure there, EC3 hasn’t seen nearly the same success since coming to WWE his second run with the company.

It’s not likely she’ll play any sort of on-air role with his character but it is rumored WWE is looking to find something creatively for EC3 to get him going.

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