WWE Working on a Lynch vs. Rousey Rematch

Despite speculation, the main event at WrestleMania did go down as planned according to Sports Illustrated. Multiple sources have confirmed to SI that the finish was to be Rousey lifting her shoulder off the mat and making it look like Lynch’s win came with some controversy. This would help keep Rousey undefeated in her own eyes and set up a rematch between The Man and The Baddest Woman on the Planet down the road.

SI also reported that WWE officials reportedly have Rousey tentatively planned to face Lynch in a singles rematch at WrestleMania 36 on April 5, 2020, from Tampa. But that’s a ways a way and things could change dramatically depending on what happens with Rousey during her hiatus from WWE. Dave Meltzer added on Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE has no firm date for Rousey’s return.

Rousey was not on Raw last night and she is expected to step away from WWE for a while, some think because of her desire to start a family. She has stated publicly before that she wants to have children with husband Travis Browne, and if that’s the plan, there’s really no way a WrestleMania 36 match is an option.

The other deal is that Rousey may be gone just long enough to recover from a broken hand she suffered during her main event match.

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