Ronda Rousey Appears At FOX Upfronts For WWE

Most of us are under the assumption Ronda Rousey is done for a while with WWE. She told the world she was taking time off to start a family and recuperate from an injury suffered at WrestleMania 35. Some have assumed she might be done with WWE for good. It appears that isn’t the case.

Rousey showed up to FOX Upfronts on Monday to promote SmackDown‘s upcoming move to the network this October.

With most of the WWE roster on the European tour, this appearance could just be a way of getting a big name to appear on behalf of WWE. With that in mind, one has to ask the question, ‘if Rousey is really thinking about leaving WWE, why show up at all?’

As you can see from the photo, John Cena was also on hand despite him publicly saying WWE doesn’t need him anymore. He’s moved on to Hollywood and kept busy taking acting roles. This may also mean WWE intends to bring him in for future matches.

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What Does Rousey’s Appearance Actually Mean?

These appearances might have been upon request from FOX. They also might have been WWE trying to send a couple of high-profile names to make it seem like the company will move over to FOX with all guns blazing.

Either way, it’s a good sign for WWE that Rousey is still willing to show up on their behalf. It lends proof to the idea that she’ll likely be back at some time in the future and that, even if she takes significant time off, she’s not done for good.

Considering WWE’s drop in ratings recently, having Rousey on the roster and returning at some point is a huge blow WWE seems to have avoided.

A Ton of Other WWE Stars on Hand

There were a number of other familiar faces at the Upfronts including Big Show, the Bellas, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H.

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