Ronda Rousey And Travis Browne Share Bizarre Twitter Exchange

What wrestlers do with all this newfound spare time is anyone’s guess… that is, unless they choose to share that information on social media.

Perhaps WWE and UFC star Ronda Rousey and her husband Travis Browne shared a little too much about what they’re doing while the world goes through the COVID-19 crisis.

Browne asked his followers how many husbands have taken this #quarantineandchill time to impress in the kitchen? Then he added an interesting #hashtag suggesting his plan is to get a little extra love in the bedroom, but of an interesting kind.

Some are speculating it was a typo, but it seemed intentional and Rousey was quick to respond. He said, “Haw! Love you, but it’s gunna take more than a few tacos and a bowl a guacamole babe.” She then added, “besides you don’t wanna be back there after all that hot sauce.”

The post was quickly flooded with hilarious responses that the couple had just shared far too much information. It was a glimpse into their personal lives that most fans didn’t at all need to see.

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