Roman Reigns Shares Jacked Physique While Away From WWE

Roman Reigns hasn’t been wasting his time while away from WWE. He looks incredibly good since leaving WWE a few months ago and it makes us realize we should never post videos of our workouts. He’s doing lateral raises with those 45’s like they’re nothing.

Just prior to WrestleMania, Reigns took a leave from WWE. Part of it was health-related, most of it was keeping his family (including two new children) safe during this pandemic. Clearly, he’s been working out.

He looks more jacked and leaner than ever and he posted the following on his Instagram page.

Shoulders week 1 #Y3T. Seated Side Laterals, Rep range 12-16. Definitely getting stronger and building muscle but not quite where I want to be. The grind continues as I follow this fitness Journey/Lifestyle. Hope this finds everyone well and in good health. Shout out to Coach @neil_yoda_hill1 , wishing u a speedy recovery my friend! Stay safe and God bless! 🤙🏽.

Most of the reactions are suggesting that when he comes back, the rest of the WWE roster better look out. He looks better than he ever has and he’s going to be motivated. This is the type of physique that could keep immediately thrust him right back into the main event because Vince McMahon will love it, and also possibly get him a few more acting gigs.

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