Roman Reigns On How He’d Do In A Fight With Ronda Rousey

Most WWE fans know Ronda Rousey as the woman who just participated in the main event at the biggest show of the year for WWE in WrestleMania 35. They also know her as a former MMA fighter and UFC Champion. The belief is that she’s the toughest woman on the WWE roster and there won’t be many who argue that. One male performer thinks she may be more than that.

Roman Reigns was recently part of an interview with theElvis Duran Show and was asked about what would happen if he was put in a fight against Rousey, how would things go? Reigns wasted no time in saying,
“She’s going to chop my arms off me.” Suggesting he could probably take a punch from her, he added, “… she would snap my arm like a twig.”

Rousey made history by being one of three women to ever main event a WrestleMania but she didn’t escape the match without controversy. After legitimately breaking her hand at one point in the contest, there’s speculation the bout didn’t finish as predetermined and that a botched finish might have taken place where her shoulder coming off the mat was not supposed to happen.

That’s the big difference between UFC and WWE. While WWE requires athleticism and skill and it often hurts, the outcomes are pre-set. In UFC, if you can’t actually fight, you’re in real trouble. Fortunately for Reigns, testing his skills against Rousey in an actual fight isn’t something he’ll likely ever need to do.

There doesn’t appear to be any speculation that Rousey will return to UFC in any capacity, but there are rumors she may be taking a break from WWE for a while. She isn’t scheduled for any events for the foreseeable future.

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