Roman Reigns Leaving WWE In Two Years?

As I reported on at The Sportster, Roman Reigns revealed during a one-on-one interview, he can see himself transitioning out of WWE in two years time, focusing more on other projects and films.

Reigns will be part of the upcoming Hobbs and Shaw film on August 2nd and while promoting his partnership with Lipton Brisk and the new “Cans of WhupAss” I asked him if he got “the bug” for acting. He said he did but that he still feels that pull towards the wrestling ring.

For now, he’s going to stay fully committed to WWE. But, once he lays a few more layers on his family legacy, he plans to slowly move out of WWE and into other things.

Reigns said, “I definitely see more projects and films in the future, for sure. But I think, where I’m at now, they will come a little more sparingly.” Reigns added, “How I feel physically, where my health is, I want to take advantage of the next couple of years and just really maximize my WWE career and give back to the company, to the guys in that locker room as much as possible.” He said, if he could take on a few side projects, he’d like to try but that isn’t his focus right now.

Roman Reigns Brisk Commercial Hobbs and Shaw
Roman Reigns Brisk Commercial Hobbs and Shaw

So When Can Fans Expect to See Less of Roman Reigns?

He said right now he feels like he’s hitting the grueling WWE schedule out of the park but when his body just can’t hold up, “that’s when I think we can really start to dabble and go on a fuller schedule as far as films.”

It isn’t just about being physical though.

While Reigns admitted making the movie was easier because he didn’t actually do the stunts, the magic of movie-making has an appeal. It will eventually call his name. “Right now, I’m so fully engulfed in wrestling and continuing to tell the story my family has told for decades now, I want to put a few more layers on the foundation that we have, as far as our history and our legacy.” Once he does that, Reigns says he’ll have the closure he needs and will move on.

He hinted that this could be in a couple years time, a surprising comment because he’s arguably at the top of his game and still will be at that time.

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