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Roman Reigns Indirectly Causing Trouble For Charlotte Flair?

Roman Reigns was and is The Big Dog in WWE. With that moniker comes a ton of responsibility backstage, much of which he’s no longer taking having pulled himself away from the company. In his absence, someone has to be the leader backstage, but also the whipping post when things go wrong.

Enter in Charlotte Flair.

As good as Flair is (she was exceptional again on Sunday when she lost the NXT Women’s Championship), reports are she’s been taking a lot of the heat backstage from fellow stars.

It’s been suggested by journalist Rich Fann, the feeling in the locker room is Charlotte is on television too often. Some fans might agree since Charlotte has been working all three brands. That said, she was on television a lot before the COVID-19 pandemic, but Reigns took on much of the criticism before he left. Charlotte is getting it all now.

“With Roman Reigns not here, one of the things I have always stood by is – Roman and Charlotte essentially get treated the same,” Fann said on Wade Keller’s PWTorch podcast, “but Roman was the one who got the biggest set of heat. Now that Roman is gone, everyone is giving her ‘why are you on tv all the time’.”

It doesn’t seem fair to blame Charlotte for things beyond her control. There’s a reason WWE is using her so often. She’s incredibly talented and with Becky Lynch now gone, easily the biggest star in the Women’s Division.

That said, saying she’d be interested in going after a men’s title probably doesn’t help her cause backstage.

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