Roman Reigns’ Attacker Revealed?

Just who attacked Roman Reigns backstage at SmackDown on Tuesday? That’s the question most people are asking after the latest episode of the blue brand ended with Reigns almost being squashed underneath a pile of staging trusses and road cases.

While the segment itself was filmed to raise the question and not reveal the answer, a photo circulating on social media may have spoiled things a bit.

First assumptions were that Samoa Joe was going to be the named the attacker. That would have made sense considering the history between the Samoan Submission Machine and the Big Dog. This photo, however, suggests otherwise. An image of what appears to be Buddy Murphy walking away from the scene has people theorizing WWE is giving a huge push to a deserving WWE Superstar.

Called up to SmackDown’s roster some time ago, Murphy hasn’t been used much. He appeared in a specific role during the Shane McMahon’s town hall segment but prior to that, was never used on SmackDown Live other than when he was seen running to the ring in a group of McMahon lackeys or chasing the 24/7 Title. WWE must have other, bigger plans in mind.

Why Buddy Murphy?

If WWE is gearing up towards a SummerSlam match between Reigns and Murphy, it’s going to be a welcome change in roles for Murphy but also one that fans will question. WWE has done something similar with Cedric Alexander on Raw but SummerSlam is a mere two weeks away and this isn’t a lot of time to promote a high-profile match between these two competitors. How will WWE explain the animosity? After all, it’s not like Murphy just jumped Reigns here. He nearly tried to kill him.

One question worth asking is, ‘Does WWE think big-ticket matches will sell SummerSlam or the fact that it is SummerSlam will sell itself?’ If it’s the latter, Murphy makes sense. If not, this may just be a tease or WWE trying to keep fans guessing with a much higher-profile star already selected to be the opponent.

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