Roman Reigns and Elias Are SmackDown’s Big Gets

Vince McMahon came out in the final segment of SmackDown Live’s Tuesday night broadcast and the final night of the Superstar Shake-up to make the night’s biggest announcement. It was an announcement that was supposed to completely alter the blue brand forever. McMahon himself called it the biggest acquisition in SmackDown Live history…

It was Elias.

While Elias was a big name and will certainly entertain the SmackDown Live audience, most fans felt duped. Hoping there was something more, Elias thanked Vince for seeing how big a deal he really was and that, he too, believed he was the future of WWE. It was then that Roman Reigns’ music hit and The Big Dog made his SmackDown debut!

Once in the ring, Reigns and McMahon had a quick staredown, only for the former WWE Champion to Superman Punch the boss in the face. Elias caught him and Reigns said, “I don’t care what he says, SmackDown Live is my yard now.”

After Reigns’ music hit, he gave Elias another spear for good measure and left the arena to close the show.

With AJ Styles moving to Raw, SmackDown needed a couple big-time players to put some star power back on the blue brand. Many fans guessed Braun Strowman might be the man to move but Reigns got a fair share of votes as well and, while he came out to a mixed reaction, he certainly adds a main event talent to the roster.

WWE didn’t waste any time as in a dark match Reigns battled Randy Orton once the cameras stopped rolling for tv.

SmackDown, overall, made a pretty good haul as they landed Finn Balor, Khairi Sane, Bayley, Ember Moon, Elias, Lars Sullivan and Reigns, among others. also announced that Apollo Crews, Mickie James and Chad Gable would be joining the blue brand.

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