Road Dogg Taking Break From WWE

While initial reports were that Road Dogg was simply stepping down as lead writer for SmackDown Live, it appears there may be more to the story. is reporting that Brian James was not at the WWE TV tapings in Montreal this week. Speculation is that James is taking an extended break from the company “as all involved assess the situation and see where he may fit in going forward.” 

While this could be just a break to gather oneself and see where things are at with his role in the company and how much he wants to be involved, this news could also mean there are some serious questions as to where James fits in the overall scheme of the writing and producing staff with WWE. First reports were that he was quite frustrated with Vince McMahon and constant re-writes and it has to be assumed, that’s not something that will change anytime soon.

James has taken to social media a great deal during his absence from the gorilla position and backstage area of WWE. But, on Wednesday, he did let fans know, he’s not gone. Writing, “Still very much a part of the machine, just needed a breather. Very happy to RT!”

There is no timetable for James’ return but he remains part of the company and it is expected he will be back. What role he takes on and if he’ll come back in the same position he left is uncertain.

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