Ricochet Wins United States Championship at Stomping Grounds, Styles Next

Up to the point where Stomping Grounds was going to feature Samoa Joe and Ricochet in a match for the United States Championship, the PPV had been better than expected. When the U.S. Title bout came to a close and Ricochet was crowned the new titleholder, WWE had arguably presented the match of the night.

A first-time ever match, Ricochet vs. Joe did not disappoint. A knockdown, drag-out brawl, this was essentially Ricochet taking the place of the injured Rey Mysterio, but it might be fair to say the match was better than anything Joe vs. Mysterio might have brought. Using a Codebreaker and his patented 630, Ricochet earned the three count.

The only potentially cheesy part was the reception Ricochet received backstage as he was met with a thunderous round of applause by much of the WWE locker room including Seth Rollins and Triple H. That part felt quite forced.

AJ Styles to Step Up

Almost better than the match, it appears AJ Styles, along with The Club, will be challenging Ricochet. The idea of those two in a match makes a true wrestling fan salivate at what could be.

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