Ricochet Misses Raw Reunion Due to Injury

The part played by Seth Rollins during the Raw Reunion show was not originally a role meant for The Beast Slayer. No, that role was supposed to go to up-and-coming Superstar Ricochet.

While Rollins was happy enough to hang with DX, The Kliq and essentially take Billy Gunn’s role in the New Age Outlaws, WWE had Ricochet pegged for that high-profile spot. Unfortunately, an injury meant Ricochet couldn’t go and needed to be replaced.

According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, Ricochet was scheduled to have huge role at the WWE RAW Reunion show but an elbow infection was keeping him from taking part in any physical activity. With so many people set to take part in that segment, the easiest switch was to simply change out the centerpiece instead of the supporting cast.

As fans watched on Monday, WWE U.S. Champion AJ Styles faced Rollins in a one-on-one match that broke down when The O.C. attacked and cause a disqualification. DX (Shawn Michaels and Triple H) came in for the save, were confronted by a possible chair attack but The Kliq and New Age Outlaws came to the rescue.

Unfortunate Lost Opportunity for Ricochet

This would have been a big moment for Ricochet that he wasn’t able to take advantage of. A rub by many of the biggest factions in wrestling and a connection to DX might have elevated him ever further up the rungs of WWE than he’s already quickly ascending.

The good news is, WWE seems to have big plans for Ricochet and this won’t be the last opportunity he receives.

It’s not know how long Ricochet will be out of action. He did take part in live events this past weekend and hopefully, his injury is not all that serious.

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