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Ric Flair Explains Why He Continues to Work WWE Tapings

To say there are more than a few fans worried about the well-being of Ric Flair would be an understatement. In his 70’s and working each and every week’s WWE tapings for Raw, having him on site during a pandemic seems to be a disaster in the making. Many have called for WWE to get their heads screwed on straight when it comes to him continuing to work.

Flair does not agree with those takes.

During an interview with WrestlingInc.com, The Nature Boy talked about being at the Performance Center as the number of positives cases continues to rise. He feels he’s in a good place and has absolute trust in WWE.

He explained:

“The WWE is doing everything and following every guideline possible. The testing and all that was conducted as professionally as it could possibly be. Three doctors. Organized. Yes, people had to stand in line, but that was because of so many people being tested. But nobody was together. Everybody had a mask on.”

Flair went so far as to challenge anyone that has a claim WWE isn’t taking the right steps. “I was tired of hearing the bullsh*t.” Flair notes that testing has been ideal under the circumstances and says he could name a variety of people backstage in WWE that are doing what they can to keep everyone as safe as possible.

“I went back the next day. Of course I would,” he said. He added, “And I’ve got a pre-existing condition and I’m in my 70s! Let me tell you something, you are safer going to a WWE event than Krogers grocery store.”

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