Rhyno on WWE’s Internal Competition Being Good for Creativity

Former WWE superstar Rhyno recently spoke with VOC Nation’s In The Room Podcast about his career thus far, his recent departure from WWE and his return to the indy scene.

In the interview, one tidbit that really stood out was Rhyno’s mention of WWE’s internal competition being good for creativity as a whole within the company. While it’s hard to see from the outside looking in, Rhyno would mention that all of the competition that is present on the vast roster of wrestlers employed by the company actually does good for those looking to stand out above the pack.

“It’s very important.  It fuels creativity, and when someone is nipping at your heels you tend to put your best foot forward…and it makes the product better.  Sometimes when a company has such a large lead (over their competitors), you don’t have to throw out all you have.  AEW has all the momentum in the world, Ring of Honor just sold out MSG, New Japan has a TV deal here now, and Impact is doing about 50 shows and live events too…they’re all nipping at WWE’s feet.”

On the surface, it seems almost counter-intuitive to insinuate that more wrestlers on the roster would be a positive thing. In general, overpopulation is never a good thing and WWE has yet to prove that they know how to utilize all of the talent they have despite having so many unique wrestling programs that take place each and every week.

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What Rhyno said, however, makes perfect sense. In an industry like this one, motivation can come from anywhere. When there are so many people in the industry looking to make a name for themselves, nobody’s job is secure and no one can expect any sort of promise for success. When those wrestlers aren’t just in the same industry, but in the same company and often the same locker rooms, it would be hard to not find the motivation to be bigger and better than ever.

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